Best Commercial Zero Turn Mowers Reviews | Popular Purchasing Guide


1. Snapper 560Z Briggs & Stratton Commercial Engine Zero Turn Lawn Mower

It carries a Briggs & Stratton V-Twin OHV engine with a displacement of 724cc and becomes part of the business series of the company. It has two cylinders and 25hp gross horsepower, which is the usual requirement for running such lawnmowers. The engine has an innovative particles management system that enhances efficiency and extends its life.

You can change the 18 inches tall seat back and forth. So, it will not matter if the operator is tall or short; you can move the seat to your desired position. The mower can travel at accelerate to 9 mph and drives back up to 4 mph.

The 51 ″ expansive made mower deck consists of 10-gauge steel that enables fast mowing. If the deck gets harmed as the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee, you won’t have to worry.

The controls are relatively simple to use, and it has three cutting blades that you can run at 12 various positions according to a height that varies between 1.5 ″ and 4.5 ″.

2. Simpleness Contender Cheap Zero Turn Mowers Commercial Grade

The mower features a 25hp Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engine, part of the business’s business series. It can perform under severe and demanding conditions while likewise protecting against dust and debris to provide an extended engine life.

The fabricated mower deck made from 10-gauge steel has an enhanced leading edge. The cutting system has three blades, with ten different positions to pick from and a cutting height varying between 2 inches to 4.5 inches. It likewise has a lifetime guarantee period offered by the manufacturer.

The fuel tank bears a capacity of 5.5 gallons and gets started with a crucial ignition switch situated on the mower’s ideal side. It has a fuel gauge too located on the left side and is quite visible and precise.

The transmission type used in the mower is Hydro-Gear ZT-3200, a commercial-style wheel & pump motor with an axle shaft for handling fantastic loads. This mower can increase to 9 miles per hour forward and up to 4 mph on the reverse.

If you want to increase comfort and supply a smooth flight, there are front and rear coil-over shock absorbers that you can change based on your requirements. It likewise has an external oil filter that makes it much easier for maintenance functions.

Purchasing Guide for Zero Turn Mowers

Usually, these machines are priced at an average of $3000 to $4000 but might well exceed that if it’s a premium product.

Zero-turn lawn mowers are expensive to buy, so it’s much better to know some essential points before making such an investment choice.

Cutting Deck Width

The bigger the width of the deck, the less time it would require to mow a lawn. A cutting deck is a steel location where there are blades. They usually range between 42 ″ and 61 ″ and are either made from fabricated steel or pressed steel.

You would see that the business series of a few of the brands have a larger deck, which is primarily for large lawns. It decreases the time you would buy cutting such a huge area.

So, if you have a little estate (e.g., less than 3 acres), you can opt for the 42-inch deck. For lawns that are 4-5 acres big, it’s better to choose at least a 52-inch deck, and if it’s bigger than 5 acres, we recommend acquiring a mower with a 61-inch deck.

Motor Power

The horsepower of the motor serves a good deal in getting the job done quickly. Engines with a power of less than 20hp are not excellent for your lawns in general. They are only for brief periods as they stress out quickly.

It would be best to choose a motor that uses at least 23hp of power for large lawns or a big estate. You would finish your work faster, get an extended service life with it.

An entry-level mower generally has a motor varying from 11hp to 24.5 hp. The mid-grade and professional series offer 16 to 27hp of power, while the industrial ones have a motor that can provide 22hp to as high as 31hp of power.

So, select appropriately as this is one of the most crucial factors of your investment decision.


Nearly all mowers utilize a hydrostatic transmission that uses hydraulic fluids to shift gears. There’re three types of transmissions used in the best zero turn mowers that you can pick from:

Hydrostatic Hydro-Gear EZT 2200|You would see this transmission used in mid-range and entry-level mowers that most property users with small estates utilize.

Hydrostatic Hydro-Gear ZT-2800|This one is far better and operates on uneven surfaces or slopes. Great for use on the property and some commercial functions.

Hydrostatic Hydro-Gear ZT-3100|It integrates all the features of the ZT-2800, however, and includes a bit more power and durability for commercial use.

Fuel Tank Capacity

While working for longer durations, having a large fuel tank is advantageous for usage. That would indicate that there is less downtime in refueling it, and so this develops performance.

You’d see that most lawn mowers have typically dealt 5 gallons of fuel capacity, which is rather enough. If you plan to work on extensive lawns, we highly advise an 8-gallon+ fuel tank capacity.

Another element to consider is the risk of fire in having excessive fuel in your tank. Also, the quality of fuel gets bad when it’s left in the tank for weeks. You may also have difficulty starting the engine.


This element is essential if you plan to work on high slopes and uneven surface areas with a not-so-effective motor. The more the mower’s weight, the more power it would draw from the engine to climb up those hilly spots.

You would likewise need a car jack to gain access to the underneath area for servicing unless the model offers simple to gain access to point, like lifting the seat upwards.

Seat, Armrests, Comfort Options

A comfy seat with comfortable armrests on the side makes the flight free from fatigue and tension. Almost all the lawnmowers use a cushioned seat; however, choose those with armrests if you plan to work on big yards.

Many lawnmowers also have a sliding system for seats you can adjust that 6 inches forward or backward. Likewise, try to find quality suspensions on the front and back, parking brakes, a less vibrating engine, step bars, and resilient handrails. All these comfort elements play a crucial role later and may be the choosing element for you.


The tires are full of the chair, comparable to those you find on a kart. When the grass is damp, the regular tires provide traction against grassy surfaces; however, in some cases slide. To prevent that from occurring, search for tires that have trodden on them.

Trimming Speed

The speed varies with the terrain surface area and the kind of lawn that you’re cutting. If the surface area is flat, it obviously will take less time as it will need less steering. When the lawn is dry, it will finish your task quickly, but if it’s damp, it may require more time than usual.

to 6mph speed|for entry-level mowers

to 8mph speed|for mid-range

to 13mph speed|bigger lawn and industrial mowing

3 to 15mph speed|sturdy commercial purposes


Based upon the cutting deck size, the motor installed, the quality, the transmission utilized, and other aspects, the rate varies between $2,700 and $9000. So try to opt for the item that offers you the best worth for your cash.

Service warranty

As we’ve seen above, numerous mowers offer a separate warranty for usage on the residential surface and a separate one for business functions.

Generally, the commercial guarantee is three months but may even go to a full year. The customer guarantee is 2 to 3 years usually, with some producers giving a lifetime warranty on the cutting deck.