3 Best Hidden GPS Tracker Reviews With FAQs


Why Buy a Hidden GPS Tracker

Keep an eye on your automobile’s place. Mainly if your car is costly and stands the danger of getting stolen, one benefit of having a GPS tracker set up in your vehicle is that you’ll be able to track its location at all times. As long as the tracker remains in an area with a persistent data connection, it can send you consistent updates through e-mail or an app using the very same innovation discovered in smartphones.

Display driving habits. GPS trackers can supply you with invaluable info about your automobile use. In addition to the area, GPS trackers can log information like direction, automobile speed, fuel consumption, and more. That can be useful if you have a teenage child or an elderly family member who utilizes your vehicle or if you have an organization that requires you to keep track of a fleet of cars.

Peace of mind

Of course, the essential benefit of having a GPS tracker installed is assurance. No one can reasonably anticipate keeping tabs on their lorry at all times, and even if one had an electronic camera on it 24/7, it’d still leave them none the wiser once someone steals it.

Best Hidden GPS Trackers Reviews & Recommendations 2021

01. Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

The Optimus 2.0 features a GPS tracker and a twin magnet case. You have to set it up with the iPhone or Android app, conceal the tracker in a backpack. Or use the magnet case to connect it to the metal parts of your car. While it’s in motion and can customize this to 10-second reports, you will get an email, and text message reports every 30 seconds.

It informs on speeding, when the tracker is leaving a place or getting in, or when the battery is low. Considering that it has an SOS button, you can use it as a safety tool, where your teen or a senior individual can signal you if they require you to track them. Likewise, you do not need to stress over continuously recharging it, given that the battery can go for a week on a single complete charge.

It can be hard to read the map on the phone because of the many grid lines. In addition, it may report false motions or offer unreliable areas. The battery may drain pipes faster with frequent movement and constant updates.

02. Bouncie GPS Tracker

When it’s in movement, the Bouncie GPS tracker offers updates on your automobile’s location every 15 seconds. It gives you access to addresses, paths, and you can zoom in or out for better watching. Utilizing the phone app, you can draw geo circles anywhere on the map, and you will get an alert every time the tracker leaves the place or gets in.

Given that it installs in your car’s OBD-II port, it can also be used to monitor your vehicle’s health and provides you signals on upkeep problems. When they pop up and offer you a simple description of what they imply, it can likewise analyze diagnostic problem codes. On top of that, if your vehicle gets stuck on the roadway, you can ask for Bouncie to get in touch with local service stores for aid, be it a tow truck, an additional battery, or fuel at no extra charge.

It’s a bit more expensive than many standard GPS trackers due to the innovative functions it provides. Likewise, it can get personalized to upgrade you on your automobile’s upkeep schedule; however, you have to hand input the dates. Otherwise, you will not get the information.

03. PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker

This GPS tracker is tiny and lightweight. It’s barely detectable. It’s simple to conceal in various locations and privately tracks locations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. You can utilize it with a tablet, computer system, or smartphone, and it deals with numerous gadgets and networks with cellular service. It costs between $20 and $25 monthly.

The tracker utilizes 4G LTE technology and updates every 10 seconds, revealing the lorry’s place, movement, and instructions. It provides an exact location, has a lasting battery, and is extremely easy to utilize. The membership is reasonable, you have the option to cancel it any time, and there are no activation charges.

While it needs to be accurate within 100 feet, that may not always be the case. The site can likewise be a little hard to navigate, and the tracker does not always inform you of the speed that the car is traveling. When the lorry is moving, it can also be challenging to follow.


If you decide to put your tracker inside your automobile, anywhere close to the window where the tracker can have an unblocked view of the sky will give you the best reception.

Think about mounting it behind a rear light where it’s least visible if you want your GPS tracker installed somewhere outside the lorry to keep it concealed from view. You can mount it on the undercarriage too, but ensure that its frame is well and it won’t damage from direct exposure to the components.

Exceptionally if you choose to mount the tracker outside your car, constantly check the mounting system before installing the tracker to ensure it will not fall off or damage. The automobile should go over a bump or a patch of rough road.


Q. How does a GPS tracker work?

Like any other GPS device, a covert tracker interacts with satellites overhead to identify its position. Utilizing some estimations, it figures out and sends its area (or stores it) for the user.

Q. Do GPS trackers always work?

The reliability of a tracker depends on the GPS reception, and most of the time, a GPS device has no difficulty interacting with GPS satellites in orbit. Particular kinds of terrain, bad weather condition, and other minor aspects can intensify reception in specific cases. You might also get limited if you can access the details if it does not have a data connection.

Q. What’s the very best way to conceal the GPS tracker?

Installing it somewhere that isn’t easy to gain access to on the automobile is the best bet. That typically dismisses the interior of the car. Instead, try mounting it somewhere outside behind a part or panel. Under the car, behind a light, in the engine bay, and other locations work reasonably well.