10 Best SEO Tips in 2021

Best SEO Tips
Best SEO Tips

You are most welcome to this article of 10 best SEO tips at this moment. Search engine optimization is an ever-changing technology, and you will find many SEO tips online. However, there are some ground rules you must follow. 

We all know targeting a keyword is the most important thing for search engine optimization, but this technique is not as useful as previously. Though still, it is essential. Hence, you have to focus on other SEO parameters to rank higher on Google or any other search engine. 

As we mentioned, there are so many SEO tips, and SEO techniques are changing all the time. What rule should we follow? What are the best SEO tips? 

Does link building work as it worked before? Or should we pass more time on on-page SEO? How to write a proper title tag? How do SEO and social media bisect on the road? 

And what are the best SEO practice in 2021? In this article, we will describe some basic rules to bring more traffic to your website. Let’s dive into the topic. 

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Best SEO Tips:

Make the website fast and remove everything that hurt the speed. 

Page speed is the most critical thing in SEO. There was a time when even famous webpage tents to load very slow but not anymore. In today’s market place you can not survive with a slow loading website. 53% of mobile users do not wait more than 3 seconds to enter a webpage.

A slow page frustrates the users, and as a result, they abandoned the site and went for another similar site that loads fast. 

A 1-second delay in loading time can lose a 7% conversion rate. A potential buyer refuses to keep its faith in a slow-loading website. 

In 2010 Google included site speed as a ranking factor, which means if your site is slow, you are losing the battle of listing your website at the top of the ranking. If the site is slow, the web page’s content and design mean nothing to Google, period.  

Then what should you do?

First of all, run a speed test for your website. If you are a WordPress user, do the followings to improve the speed of your website: 

  • Test your website. Use this link to test a WordPress website. 
  • Choose a better web hosting provider. If possible, avoid shared hosting. 
  • Install WordPress caching plug-in. WP super cache is a great free caching plug-in. 
  • Optimize every image before uploading. Photoshop is the best way to optimize images, but if you can’t use photoshop, then don’t worry. Tiny PNG will do the job for you. 
  • Update the WordPress version, theme, and plug-ins. 
  • Deactivate unnecessary plug-ins. 
  • Use a theme that loads fast. 
  • Do not upload any video on your website. Use the youtube link instead. 
  • Use faster plugins. If any plugin is hurting the loading speed, use another one. 
  • Reduce HTTP requests
  • Reduce Database calls 
  • Optimize database 
  • Use lazy loading 

If you are overwhelmed and can not do all the things yourself, consider hiring a professional team to do the job for you. But remember, slow loading sites are of no use. You have to make it fast. The standard loading time for any website is 1 sec on desktop and 2 sec on mobile. Anything beyond that need technical changes. 

Link to other websites if both have relevant content

There is a misconception about outbound linking. Many people think readers will leave the website if the outbound link is more reliable or essential. But it is not entirely true. Because when you are linking out, it gets trackable traffic, which makes your site more valuable. 

Linking other websites also helps your marketing, even if you are connecting your competitor’s website. When they notice, there is a chance that they will link you back or even send your post to their email subscribers. 

But Remember, link building is all about quality. Whether you are linking from your site or others’ sites, always provide quality links. The foremost importance is to help your readers. Do not irritate them or do that for marketing purposes. If users leave you, the product will also leave you. 

Write for Human and then for Search engine. 

If you are writing for Search engines only, you are not practicing the old SEO method. In the past keyword was the foremost key factor for higher ranking. But not anymore. Now, keywords come at number four. The concept is 

  • Analytics
  • Content creation 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Keyword 

So, change your mindset and use the latest technique. 

What is the purpose of your website? Users, right? Users come to your website and read your content, and because of them, you can earn money from Google or Amazon. Users got the credit card to buy your product, not the crawler. 

So, if you can not convince the users, what is the purpose of convincing the search engine to put you at the top? People will click and then leave, and the worst part is they will never click on your website’s link after. 

So, forget about the search engine when you are writing. Write for your users and build trust. If you earn the trust, your user will link your product or website, which is more important than keywords. 

Try to get backlinks from other trustworthy sites. 

Inbound links are of utmost importance in SEO but getting links from related websites is also very important. 

Content marketing is nothing but creating engaging and high-quality content for users to link your content to other websites and social media. If you have quality content, people will visit your website and share them. 

Do not try to create a blog within an hour. Invest time and, if necessary, invest money for a blog post. Otherwise, you are never going to earn the faith of your users. 

After you have created your brand, then write blogs linking others’ websites, and you will find they will link you back. It’s that simple. You will have to give first if you want something back. 

Write a Meta description that is unique and relevant. DO it for every page. 

That is one of the essential best SEO tips that many people tend to ignore. 

The meta description is the first thing people watch when on the search engine result page (SERP). We can say that this your first impression with the users. 

Use Analytics 

Without knowing the result of your search engine optimization technique is of no use. Use Google Analytics, Google search console, and other web analytics that provide data on your website. 

Look for those posts people like more and sharing on social media. Which posts are having a higher bounce rate or exit rate? Which post is giving you better revenue than others. Write your next post with the help of these data. 

There is another thing to consider when you are writing your meta description, and that is to avoid writing a duplicate meta description. 

Google doesn’t like duplicate content. Google may penalize your website for duplicate content. Duplicate content can come from your domain or another domain but remember both will hurt your website’s ranking. The same goes for meta description. The identical meta description will affect the ranking of your content. 

Say you have a page for email marketing and another one for SEO tools. You can not have same meta description for both the page, right? It does not make any sense also. Therefore, putting relevant meta descriptions will promote the page, and it is helpful for the users. Remember, users always read information without clicking the link. So, the meta description is essential to attract them. 

If you’re a WordPress user, then it is relatively easy for you to put or rewrite duplicate meta descriptions right from the posting page. Install the YOAST SEO plugin into WordPress. The plugin will provide you with an area to write the meta description for the post. 

Short and Readable URL 

The URL should be readable so that users can read it. Remember, if the users can not read that, neither can the search engine. For better demonstration, we are observing the following URLs


-> http://yourdomain.com/article/2345

Which URL gives you a proper idea of the topic? Certainly the first one instead of those numbers of the second URL

Google bot is nothing but a program. So, you have to feed that bot with accurate information. The better you provide, the better it will understand. 

A short and easily readable URL has another significant impact. If users can remember the URL, it will be easy for them to come back to your website. 

Try to get more social share. 

Social media is one of the essential parts of SEO strategy. Though Google has not included social signal into its algorithm social signals has its impact on Google ranking. Many case studies revealed that social share, tweets, and the pin affect search engine ranking. 

We all know the rule of how to get more social signals or social shares. But in case you do not know, here are the rules 

  • Develop contents that worth sharing on the social platform 
  • Add the share button with every post 
  • Do not hesitate to ask people to share your post 
  • You can host a social media contest to get more social share 
  • Mention those people who are influential in social media and encourage them to share the post 

Use social media wisely and use it well. 

Use the right keywords in the image

For search engine optimization, images are essential. An entire section of Google dedicates them to the image search results. That tells a lot about how serious Google is about pictures of your post.

How do people search for an image? Yes, keywords. So, how will Google identify an image? Also simple, keywords. If you want to show your image when users search with a keyword, put the keyword there. 

It would help if you also put the keyword in the ‘alt’ tag of your image. If you are a WordPress user, the process is relatively straightforward. Just install YOAST SEO, and the plugin will notify you if you have not put any keyword in the alt tag. 

The Golden Rule: Publish quality content regularly

Unique and quality content is the most challenging task for marketers. Whether you are B2B or B2C marketer, you need to produce quality content regularly to rank higher in the search engine. 

Have you heard about the ‘Fresh factor’? That is something Google uses to rank a page. Unique content affects this factor and hence the ranking of that specific webpage. 

So, how do you improve the freshness score? The process is straightforward, produce unique content regularly. 

Bonus To The Best SEO Tips 

Changing the domain name will affect your ranking. 

The age of the domain is very significant in SEO ranking. Not only its content, but a link from an old part is also more important to Google than from a reasonably new domain. 

So, do not change the domain name frequently. Do your research before purchasing a domain and stick to it. Changing the domain name will affect your SEO ranking. Feel free to contact for the best SEO services in Bangladesh.

UI design

We discussed the importance of loading speed in this article, but the design is also essential. Do not overdo your design, as it can slow down your site. 

Try to make the home page as simple as possible yet attractive. Put the right navigation and put your CTA button properly. Remember, the design is the first thing that attracts your users. 


We hope the above Best SEO tips will help you to drive more traffic to your website. If you follow the rules, your website will surely get more traffic than previous. 

Here are some more important SEO tips. If you have any published posts that lost their relevance, update the page. If that does not help, use 301 redirections.  

Use long-tail keywords instead of head keywords. People these days use long-tail search at those that are easy to rank. 

Build your website mobile friendly and take professional help if you can not work on the technical issues that hurt your website. 

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