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Best String Trimmers
Best String Trimmers

Welcome to the best string trimmer review. In this article, we have reviewed Makita CRU03Z 36V brushless best string trimmer. Let’s begin.

Artisan V60 Battery Weedwacker Delivers Excellent Performance with a Versatile Design

We obtained our hands on the brushless Craftsman V60 battery Weedwacker near the end of the cutting season for the majority of the country. The pleasure of living in Florida is that we don’t reach stop cutting our yards for greater than several weeks at once. With the lawn still growing firm, we found some great reasons to consider this Craftsman best string trimmer.


  • Excellent reducing power
  • 0- minute runtime in our tests
  • More flexible than a lot of string trimmers
  • Excellent balance
  • Low vibration
  • Quickwind system makes reloading line much easier


  • IT- A little bit extra expensive than similar designs from various other brand names

Craftsman 60V Battery Weedwacker


Craftsman’s V60 brushless motor has two-speed settings: 0– 5200 RPM and 0– 6200 RPM. With many 2-speed string trimmers, we locate low is suitable for the thin yard, yet can slow you down.

What’s excellent regarding the balance of this trimmer’s rates and also 15-inch cutting swath is that in reduced, we were able to reduce truly efficiently and also just honestly had to kick it into high when we intended to clear more significant locations more quickly. Despite having the 0.80-inch line, it does a terrific job.

We saw that Craftsman did a very great job with the harmonics of the design. We examine a lot of string trimmers, and with heads rotating at 5000+ RPM and string flying out of completions, some have quite a bit of vibration. While EGO still seems to have the smoothest operation, the V60 is right up there with far better designs.


it reduces your much more runtime.

We’re incredibly pleased with the runtime we’re seeing from the Craftsman V60 battery Weedwacker. Checking at high speed with a light lot, we competed just over 30 constant mins. That’s a lot of trigger time to cover most gr much more runtime. Under the same problems, the 2.5 Ah battery ran for greater than 53 mins. Since it’s still very reliable cutting at that speed, it’s an amount of time you can legitimately anticipate if you have a lot more location to cover.


Where Craftsman takes this Weedwacker to one more level is with its adjustability. Like many string trimmers, you can slide the deal up or down to tailor it to your reach.

You can additionally adjust the length of the shaft, thanks to its telescoping layout. From our even more average guys to the highest, we could find an extra comfortable fit than regular.

Making life even more comfortable, the Craftsman 60V battery Weedwacker uses quick clamps to secure those adjustments down. Regardless of whose transform it is to cut, you can swiftly adjust the fit without any devices’ requirement.

Line Changes

Line adjustments are relatively straightforward with Craftsman’s “Quickwind” system. It’s similar to other quick-load heads. Align the white lines on the head, run your line halfway, as well as resort to filling it. You don’t need to screw up tangled line or keep in mind which means to wind.

The hardest part is feeding the preliminary line end. There’s some bend in it as well, as we found it takes a little maneuvering to get it ideal. We had a feel for it, and things went much more smoothly as soon as we relined a pair of times.

With these systems, you typically transform the head and the need to handle the line as you go, so it does not obtain too turned. We located it simpler to turn the base. Regardless, you wind up with an effectively loaded line with much less fuss.

The trimmer comes with a 0.080-inch line, and it’s an excellent fit for many individuals. It’s also compatible with the 0.095-inch line, so you might desire to swap the pipe out if you’re removing more significant areas or thicker turf.

Versatrack Compatibility

You’ll be pleased to know there a built-in hook for it if you’re making use of the VersaTrack system. It recesses right into the back, so pull it out, hang it up, and you get done.


The Craftsman V60 Brushless Weedwacker features a 2.5 Ah battery and also the battery charger. The market price at Lowe’s is $239, and that’s a bit greater than what we see with similar versions from brands such as EGO or Greenworks.

All-time Low Line

The layout group did an excellent job on the Craftsman V60 brushless battery Weedwacker. The performance and runtime are there to make it a reputable substitute for gas designs. The greater adjustability of the layout makes it comfy for a variety of people. If you’re seeking to make the switch cordless or are upgrading from a lower voltage system, we certainly recommend you put Craftsman V60 on your shortlist.

Makita CRU03Z 36V Brushless Best String Trimmer with Connector Cable

Makita String Trimmer with Connector Cable Utilizes Full Power of Backpack Battery

Usually, you require an adapter to power any one of the pre-existing lines of Makita 36V tools with their knapsack power supply (this is still an alternative). The Makita CRU03Z String Trimmer with Connector Cable, the initial in Makita’s Connector Series, is tailor-made to maximize the Backpack Power Supply. Instead of taking onboard power from Makita’s 18V batteries, it links into the backpack using a Bespoke port wire. That gets rid of the requirement for an adapter as well as keeps peripheral weight off the device.

Maybe you keep in mind the Makita PDC01 Backpack Power Supply that we covered a few months back. Making use of four of the Makita 18V batteries can supply extended runtime and much better weight distribution for Makita 18V and 36V X2 battery-powered tools. That proves particularly handy in the OPE world or anywhere switching batteries may confirm disruptive to productivity.

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String Trimming for the OPE Pro

At this point, it possibly goes without stating that the Makita CRU03Z String Trimmer with Connector Cable gets geared toward the Pro grass specialist. It gives up the typical Makita 36V power connection: a 2-battery port that can add weight and potentially shake off the tool’s equilibrium. For all-day string trimming, weight, balance, and job become important variables when using a trimmer.

Furthermore, runtime plays a massive duty in how usable a tool is in a specialist ability—products like the Makita XRU18 36V X2 trimmer run of 2 18V batteries, which do ok. Expecting two batteries to last for a full day’s work would undoubtedly be too big of an ask.

Instead, the Makita String Trimmer with Connector Cable fixes the riddle of all-day runtime. With the PDC01 Power Supply providing the power, you get that extended runtime with a correctly heavy trimmer that maintains the weight dispersed across your back.

The other advantage that the Makita Connector Series offers: convertible batteries. Other knapsack battery systems fix the balance, weight, and also runtime problems. If you do run out of power, the entire knapsack has to go on the charger. That usually takes 6-8 hours for a complete recharge. Makita’s 18V batteries switch out of the power supply swiftly to keep you up and running. Because the 18V batteries charge in regarding an hr, we can ensure that you are practically no downtime.

Sufficient About Batteries 

So, what else does the Makita CRU03Z offer the table? It features a brushless motor that produces the power equivalent of a 30cc gas engine. Under no-load, this string trimmer can handle up to 6,000 RPM with a 17 ″ cutting swath.

It supplies three-speed alternatives: reduced (4,000 RPM), Medium (4,600 RPM), and also High (6,000 RPM). When you do not require all of the offered power that each setting supplies, a variable control rate trigger allows you to operate the throttle.

The Makita String Trimmer with Connector Cable additionally features the Automatic Torque Drive setting. If you favor the “set it and forget it” strategy to power setups, you can engage the trimmer as well, as this setting will instantly shift speeds to either prolong runtime or add power.

A reverse feature allows you back up the trimmer go to a few secs to loosen up any kind of twisted weeds or lawn.

The Makita CRU03Z likewise features a steel drive shaft. That includes the tool’s toughness while minimizing resonance.

Because often you need to get the job done regardless of if the weather condition is working together or otherwise, the Makita String Trimmer with Connector Cable features the brand’s Extreme Protection Technology. That is a protective seal that channels water as well as dust far from crucial inner components. The end outcome is a trimmer with an IPX4 weather-resistant rating.


Currently, the CRU03Z Makita String Trimmer with Connector Cable gets offered as a bare tool for $389.99. It features the bump and feed trimmer head as well as some 0.080 ″ trimmer lines and a 3-year service warranty.

To make it run, you’ll additionally need the PDC01 Backpack Battery, which can be for $599.99.

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