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Best Wireless Speaker
Best Wireless Speaker

Welcome to the best wireless speaker evaluation. Danish company Dynaudio can flaunt several triumphs over recent years. The Xeo 10, Contour 20, and unique Forty hold five-star decisions– the last also scooping a What Hi-Fi? Honor this year– which’s just the brand name’s stand mount best wireless speaker.

The Dynaudio Music 5 is the 2nd-largest one-box speaker in the firm’s inaugural, four-strong Music series. So can it proceed with the line of Dynaudio successes?

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As we unpack the Music 5, we get advised of a significant, Indiana Jones-style ruby or the things in the abstract chamber in Pixar’s inside out. Under that angular cloak, the Dynaudio Music 5 consists of 5 drivers powered by a 50W apiece for an overall 250W of boosting: 2 25mm soft-dome tweeters, two 8cm midrange drivers, and also a single 13cm woofer, plus an electronic, optical input.

The Music range includes the same magnesium silicate polymer motorists and soft-dome tweeter technology you’d discover in the brand’s range-topping Evidence Platinum loudspeakers. Our mains-powered Music 5 is partially smaller sized than the 300W Music 7, yet more significant than the portable music three and music 1. While you can organize Dynaudio Music speakers with each other for multi-room listening in the Dynaudio Music application, the Music 5 can additionally get used by itself.

The construct’s high quality feels resoundingly superior, with a cleaned metal panel including round, occasionally pulsating control buttons across the top of the system alongside a sleek LED indicator for volume.


Set up is done with the Dynaudio Music app, which steadily feeds us each consecutive instruction. When plugged in, swing a turn over the speaker signals the Music 5 to your visibility and changes it from standby to on.

Dynaudio triggers us to set up an account and link our Tidal and Qobuz accounts (a complimentary nine-month Tidal registration consists of your purchase). Once the Music 5 gets set up on our wi-fi network, we’re excellent to go. There’s aptX Bluetooth as well as if you have an iOS device, there’s likewise AirPlay support.

Dynaudio seeks to corral our song streaming services right into one area by asking us for our preferred artists. As we ‘like’ each pointer, a lot more turn up for authorization. Eventually, we wind up with several kinds of music, Now individual playlists entitled ‘Discovery,’ ‘Rock,’ ‘Metal,’ ‘Favourites,’ and similar.

For some users, this process will undoubtedly appear fussy and peripheral, while for others, it will indeed make tiresome hours spent curating dinner-party playlists a distant memory. If you like the idea of personal music without having to prep it on your own, it’s a great touch.

The Dynaudio Music app is well made as well as easy to use. Our much-loved thing right here is a two-dimensional, four-way slider interface– a neat method of controlling the bass and also treble.

Two various other essential app-controlled functions right here are NoiseAdapt as well as RoomAdapt. When needed, the previous deploy compression makes sure that sound can puncture a noisier room– beneficial during loud parties.

Simultaneously, the RoomAdapt technology utilizes digital processing to feel where it has been placed and optimize performance on the fly. We move our Music 5 from the center of our area to a corner, to virtual purge versus the wall. It does appear to adjust to its new setting proactively.

Yet, there are a couple of issues with the software program functions. There’s no Spotify Connect, though you can always enter into Spotify’s application, play tracks using Bluetooth on an Android, and have the additional alternative of AirPlay on an iPhone device. On the latter, there’s no AirPlay 2 onboard, nor is there voice aide assistance.


Ultimately, from the Dynaudio Music application itself, you can not control a connected NAS drive straight. The Music 5 works as a UPnP/DLNA tool, yet you will undoubtedly require a third-party app, such as Bubble UPnP or comparable, to play music from a NAS or stream music to the Music 5.

But the good news is, these issues neither outweigh the various other outstanding attributes provided by the Dynaudio Music 5, neither without a doubt, its sonic performance.


At first, we bypass our curated My Music playlists and sign up for Melissa Etheridge’s Come To My Window on Tidal. Together with her pensive rock vocal and preliminary bass riff, the gentle percussion exists with articulation, breadth, and deepness. As the drums begin, the Music 5 remains to display agility and accuracy despite a significant bass kick.

We push to use our My Music ‘Rock’ playlist. Guns ‘N’ Roses’ November Rain on Qobuz is tonally smooth and refined as the secrets, strings, flute, triangular well as eventually drums come through with character, yet also an excellent musical cohesion.

Once more, there’s an expansive efficiency, one that our comparison product, Naim’s Mu-so Qb 2nd generation, can not quite match. Reduce’s guitar solo feels partially much heavier and somewhat overplayed via the bass. However, it’s a rhythmically precise efficiency.

We play Radiohead’s Creep, and things stay smooth, extensive as well as easygoing, with room-filling and listenable audio. We example the same track with our control speaker and find the Naim lighter, subtler and extra expressive dynamically. There’s a seriousness that the Dynaudio product does not have, and also, we wrap up that the Naim borders it for timing.

However, the Dynaudio Music 5 flaunts supremacy in other ways. In a larger space, it exhibits far better weight, authority as well as scale. It also supplies something smooth, detail-rich, polished as well as resoundingly listenable. A sonic performance will certainly suit numerous tastes.


The Dynaudio Music 5 is a robust proposal. However, one that still displays the sonic nous to keep points refined. Its appearances refer to taste, yet the Dynaudio range is absolutely nothing if not distinct. While the Award-winning Naim borders it for both subtleties and a somewhat livelier noise, there isn’t much in it.

Relying on your room dimension and requirements, the Dynaudio Music 5 brings a meatier and more quickly adaptable– efficiency to the table.


  • Sound 5
  • Features 4
  • Build 5

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