Custom Rigid Boxes to Amped Up Looks

custom rigid boxes
custom rigid boxes

Custom Rigid Boxes are an ideal tool for companies that are interested in enhancing the appeals of their products. These are not ordinary boxes; in fact, the custom rigid boxes are used for;

  1. Promoting a company
  2. Promoting the products
  3. Enhancing the protection of products packed
  4. Enhancing the appeals of the products packed
  5. Grab the attention of the target audiences
  6. Provide the best quality in terms of quality and printing etc.

The printing and packaging expert companies invest time in selecting the appropriate stock for crafting these boxes for their clients. The clients who are searching for the perfect custom rigid boxes must share;

  • Product storage requirements
  • Product packaging requirements
  • Company’s marketing goals
  • Company’s promotional goals

with the print and packaging company, they have selected. Upon sharing this information, the packaging companies will select the appropriate material, box layouts, and design relevant branding themes for them. The material for printed rigid boxes is selected from the top-rated range of cardboard stocks. This material is durable, print-friendly, and of prime quality.

It helps keep the products safe from impacts, dust, and other damaging factors. The print and packaging companies can use the latest printing techniques without any hesitation. Some daring brands select textured cardboard stocks for their printed rigid boxes. The ink reacts differently against the textured surface of the cardboard stock. It might look like a small change but, it makes a big difference to the appearance of the custom rigid boxes.

Customization Options for Rigid Boxes Packaging Boxes

Rigid Boxes Packaging Boxes can be tailored according to any company’s needs easily using various options. Apart from selecting textured stocks, the brands from the various industries can experiment with colors. They can opt for single-colored or full-color printing for their boxes. Currently, brands from various industries are emphasizing their signature brand color to print their boxes. If they feel like adding more colors to their boxes, they experiment with the same color gradients. Effects like fresh resin are gaining popularity in printed boxes globally. 

Manufacturers of rigid boxes in the USA also allow companies to add custom printed sleeves to their mailer boxes. These sleeves can be printed with information related to;

  1. Product specifications
  2. Ingredients
  3. Instructions
  4. Warnings
  5. Company information (postal and online) etc.

Printed rigid boxes are used readily in the candle industry on occasions like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. The brands pack their premium candles with essential oils and dispensers in ceramic or other material to provide a complete gift box that the customers can buy for their loved ones. Sometimes brands also add accessories like a candle snuffer to these gift boxes. These boxes are aimed at the potential market niche willing to pay a premium price for flawless packaging and marketing of products inside. 

Other customization tools for custom rigid boxes

Custom rigid boxes’ looks can be further augmented using tools like Spot UV. It adds a fluid-like shine to the visual content. The content coated with UV is visible even in dim lights. Some other options include;

  1. Aqueous coating, in matte or gloss 
  2. Foil Stamping, for adding a metallic shine to the content
  3. Window patching, which allows customers to look at the boxes without opening them etc.

These boxes are added with personalized ribbons and buttons as well to make them look exquisite. The rigid boxes make the unboxing experience memorable for their customers. The looks of rigid boxes are so exciting that often customers record unboxing videos to share them on social media. ClipnBox custom rigid boxes create staggering packaging for new and existing products of businesses to help them stand out and gain more advantages. If you are a brand searching for attractive and functional, rigid boxes for your brand, get in touch with ClipnBox now.

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