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Custom Window Boxes
Custom Window Boxes

Custom Window Boxes Packaging

Custom window boxes are used to enhance the display of the product that keeps the product safe from the external factors with the quality display. Widow boxes give the product a quality presentation with an unobtrusive view of the product inside. The increased visibility of the product makes custom window soap boxes more consumer-friendly as all the basic features of the product are prominent for them to view. We offer custom window boxes without any die-cut charges and free designing assistance.

The custom die-cut window puts the whole focus over the product and it also makes the packaging more so interesting. The window boxes are customized in terms of the material of packaging, package styling, and design. Customization of design for the box is finalized with the incorporation of the vision of the manufacturer with that of the expert team. The focused view of the product makes it easier for the customers to make decisions regarding the product. Moreover, the quality, stylish and classy display of the product with a die-cut window makes the packaging more so individualized.

Different Styles and Designs of Window Boxes

To accommodate all kinds of products in various sizes, dimensions and shapes, we have all kinds of window boxes available in one place. The packages with die-cut windows are available at our company in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes. The styles available for window boxes are,

  • Double-wall tray with sleeve boxes
  • Seal end boxes
  • Lid off boxes
  • Auto bottom lockboxes
  • Pop counter display boxes
  • Window box with closure
  • Drawer box with sleeve and inserts
  • Tab lock tuck top boxes
  • Carrier boxes
  • Roll end boxes

And many other types of custom soap boxes are available for the customers to choose from, for further details visit our website. The sampling continues till the sample is up to the requirements of the customers in terms of packaging material, design, size, and dimensions. We offer sampling and designing without extra charges.

Premium Quality Customized Window Boxes

Customized window boxes are manufactured with custom designing and printing to give the product maximum display with the class. The package is adorned with the enticing pattern or designs that make the package more so individualistic Window boxes are manufactured with the quality material in many forms such as;

  • Rigid boxes
  • Foldable boxes
  • Blank boxes
  • Luxury boxes
  • Cardboard boxes

Custom logos and packages are designed with the full assistance of designing experts. And then the final design is embossed or printed over the package. We offer quality packaging with various inserts that make the packaging more so secure and safe. The inserts are made in several styles and materials such as Kraft paper board insert, rigid chipboard insert, and paper board inserts. To give the package an individualistic display, these boxes are covered with exciting graphic designs. Various techniques are used to customize the package that is;

  • UV spotting
  • Debossing
  • Gold or silver foiling
  • Coating
  • Embossing

The gloss or matte finishing makes the package look more detailed and refined. Free lamination of the package is also offered to the customers. Die-cut window is designed with printing patterns. The printing of window boxes is done with the use of quality material that is devoid of toxic chemicals. Moreover clear printing of the description and designs makes the product package look more finished and refined.

Affordable Packaging rates for Window Boxes

We are here to provide the most cost-efficient, quality window box packaging. To ensure that we offer various designing and packaging offers to the customers so that they can make the best packaging decisions for their product. We provide our customers various perks to make the packaging affordable such as;

  • No die-cut charges
  • Discounted coupons and codes
  • Free shipping
  • Free lamination

We offer these discounts but by no means the quality of the packaging is compromised and we offer all the services at wholesale prices over the bulk purchase. The order is manufactured under the close supervision of experts that make sure of quality maintenance. Moreover, the packaging boxes are recyclable that further makes the product more cost-effective and efficient. The wholesale prices make it possible for business owners to make cost-efficient decisions that can be beneficial for the elevation of the brand reputation.

Visit our Website

Our company has expert officials that are there to assist the customers in the whole process. We have all kinds of detailed information on our official website that is updated regularly. You should visit our website to get the information regarding window boxes and come in contact with our customer care officials that are there to assist our customers throughout the process of packaging. We offer various discounts to our customers that are availed by our customers after registration.

We send promotional discounts to our customers that lowers the packaging cost exponentially. Window boxes are used for every type of product that gives it the best display with custom designing. We use quality material and alluring designs that make a package more so visually attractive. Along with the visual appeal, we use eco-friendly material in the recyclable packaging. This adds economic and social value to the brand reputation and customers favor the product. Custom window boxes act as a tool to elevate the market value of the brand.


Packaging of any product is no more just a matter to give the product space, now it’s all about the solid presentation of the product to attract the maximum number of consumers. There are various styles and types of packages available, but window boxes provide the product with the optimum display without any extra hassle. Window boxes provide an unobtrusive view of the product for the consumers.

We offer custom window boxes in a variety of designs and styles to the customers that are accommodative for all types, shapes, and sizes of the products. We also offer free designing assistance for the customization of the window boxes at the most cost-effective wholesale prices. Visit our website and come in contact with our team of officers to deal with to get further details and information regarding custom window boxes.

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