Lifeguard Training Tips For Maintaining Pool

Lifeguard Training Tips

A swimming pool in the garden is the ideal refreshment during the hottest days of the year with lifeguard training. But it also requires a lot of maintenance: vacuuming, filtering, checking the pH value, …. We found 5 fewer commons, but extra useful tips to keep your pool clean for longer.

Supercharge de filter

A filter is a must for every swimming pool! It removes most of the dirt from your pool. However, such a filter can sometimes leave behind some residue with lifeguard training. This makes your filter work even better: take a pair of old tights and wrap them around the filter basket. Hair, sand, and small dust particles can no longer escape through the small holes in the fabric! Clean the filters at least once a week so that they can do their job optimally again for lifeguard training.

Natural insect remover

Insects are sometimes really annoying for lifeguard training! Not only do they make an unpleasant noise, but it is also very dirty when they float around dead in the water. Would you like to get rid of it? Plant some lemongrass! This plant contains citronella and thus repels mosquitoes. Want to outsmart wasps? Hang a brown paper shopping bag filled with some plastic bags on the wall with lifeguard training. Wasps will not build a nest near another nest (even if it is fake).

Use baking soda

Did you know that you can control the pH of the water with baking soda? Half a kilo of baking soda is equivalent to half a kilo of any other alkaline product but less expensive!

Help from the tennis ball

From sun lotion and makeup to hair products and body oil with lifeguard training. Care products leave their traces in your pool. But we also have a handy tool for this. Throw some tennis balls into the water or place them in the filters. A tennis ball absorbs the oil and you get crystal clear water for lifeguard training.

Mandatory swimwear

Has your friend forgotten his swimming trunks and just jumps into the pool with his shorts? Are you organizing a party that ends in a real pool party where everyone jumps in with their clothes for lifeguard training? Not so bad if it only happens once in a while. But the fibers and colors of fabrics can react badly when they come into contact with chlorine. Make one rule clear: swimwear is mandatory! (and maybe naked swimming too)

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